Cyprus Turkish Airlines are the national airline for North Cyprus, and proud of it too! You'll sometimes see this North Cyprus airline referred to as KTHY, which are the initials of their name in Turkish, Kıbrıs Türk Hava Yolları. CTA are based in spacious and uncrowded Ercan International Airport, just a 30 minute drive from Kyrenia.

Cyprus Turkish Airlines: Destinations

CTA flights to Ercan Airport in North Cyprus from the UK depart from five of the best UK airports, namely Birmingham, Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester and Stansted. The widest chocie of CTA flights are from Stansted Airport, with a daily service during the summer months.

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CTA also fly a scheduled service from Germany and Turkey, and charter flights from all over Europe.

CTA Flights to Ercan: Check-In

You should check in for your CTA flight at least 2 hours before departure (we suggest 3 hours if you're flying during the summer from the UK, just to be on the safe side), and check-in closes 45 minutes before departure. At Ercan Airport, check-in for your CTA flight is very easy, and there is an Express Check-In service for anyone travelling with hand baggage only.

CTA Flights to Ercan: Baggage

At present, Cyprus Turkish Airlines offer a 20kg hold luggage allowance. Excess baggage charges per kilo apply to overweight bags, and for health & safety reason no individual item of luggage on any CTA flight should weigh more than 32Kgs. Golf clubs and scuba gear weighing up to 10kgs may be carried free of charge; make sure you inform us before your day of travel.

On CTA flights to Ercan Airport, hand baggage is limited to 5kgs. The usual restrictions on liquids in hand luggage apply, so do not try to take on board any container of liquid over 100ml, and display these in a clear plastic bag at security.

CTA Flights to Ercan: Meals and Snacks

Free meals and/or snacks are offered to both Economy and Economy Plus passengers. On your Cyprus Turkish Airlines flight back to the UK, you'll enjoy food freshly prepared at Ercan Airport by CTA's own chefs, along with free alcoholic drinks, for a tasty end to your holiday on Northern Cyprus! Please let us know when you book your North Cyprus CTA flights if you require a vegetarian, diabetic, lactose-free or gluten-free meal.

Cyprus Turkish Airlines: Aircraft

Cyprus Turkish Airlines have a fleet of modern, well maintained planes that offer the highest level of safety and economy class comfort. The airline has four spacious Boeing 737-800 planes and two popular Airbus 321-211 planes. By 2012, the airline plans to increase their fleet to 12 planes in total.

CTA Flights to North Cyprus: Cabin Classes

Cyprus Turkish Airlines operate two classes, Economy and Economy Plus. Unlike many airlines, when you fly economy class with Cyprus Turkish Airlines, you get a proper meal and snack service included, with wine if you want it. With CTA flights in Economy Plus, you can enjoy improved seating and in-flight entertainment. Our online North Cyprus booking service quotes you the best prices for CTA flights to North Cyprus.

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