When you book your Cyprus Turkish Airlines flights to Northern Cyprus with us, you'll enjoy full ATOL protection. The ATOL scheme protects you from losing you money or being stranded abroad if the airline has problems. Simply use our flight search (that's the box on the left) for cheap flights to North Cyprus with ATOL protection included for free.

Let's be clear here; if you book your Cyprus Turkish Airlines flights with us, you are ATOL protected. If you book your flight direct with the airline, you are not ATOL protected. It's as simple as that. If something goes wrong and you have booked with the airline direct, your money is gone!

Why Can Offer ATOL Protection on Flights

ATOL Protected North Cyprus FlightsAll Cyprus Turkish Airlines flights booked with us are ATOL protected, because our cheap flights to North Cyprus are provided by our partner holiday company based in the UK. They are ATOL registered, so your flight booking is ATOL protected.

Our ATOL number is 9345 for Cyprus Premier Holidays Ltd.

What Is ATOL Protection?

ATOL is a scheme run by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) designed to protect passenger from losing their money or being stranded abroad. Every travel company that carries the ATOL mark has signed up to a financial guarantee scheme, that will provide funds if a member of the scheme fails. In other words, if your holiday company collapses, the CAA will ensure you don't lose your money, and fly you home after your holiday ends, if required. You can learn more about ATOL here:

Are Airlines ATOL Protected?

No, airlines themselves are not part of the ATOL scheme, although their associated holiday companies can be. ATOL is designed to protect customers who have booked through travel companies, such as our UK partner.

So, if you book your North Cyprus flights with us, plus any other holiday essentials such as car hire and hotels, all the different parts of your holiday 'package' are protected. If other suppliers of parts of your holiday fail, an ATOL tour company such as our UK partners will be responsible for all parts of your holiday booked with them under the Package Travel Regulations. So, it's often worth booking your quality car hire and North Cyprus hotel accommodation through us too, for peace of mind!

Other Holiday Protection Schemes

You can now buy travel insurance policies with airline insolvency cover included, but this often costs extra. This insurance only covers failure of the airline, and may take a considerable amount of time to pay out.

You can also book your Cyprus Turkish Airline flights with your credit card and enjoy some measure of protection under the Consumer Credit Act. However, if you only have this credit card consumer protection, and you are stranded abroad, you will need to find your own way home and pay upfront, which could be very expensive, then claim the money back later.

ATOL protection is far superior and much easier, and since it is organised by the CAA, you get your flights home sorted for you. Of course, you can still pay for your Cyprus Turkish Airline flights with us with your credit card and get double protection!

With Cyprus Turkish Airline flights booked from us, ATOL protection is included in the price, along with all taxes, airport charges, fuel surcharges, etc. Rest assured, the price you see in our instant North Cyprus flight search quote is the price you pay.